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Community Outreach

The Principals at JR Consulting and KPI Dynamics support the disabled community in the greater San Diego Community

Please consider learning about these life altering organizations. Your support is greatly appreciated.



Noah Homes is An Affinity Choice Community that offers a residential model to provide independence and high quality services to people with similar wants and needs through shared-cost operations and infrastructure. Noah Homes has 90 residents, 100+ staff and 25 vehicles to transport residents.

Noah's ArkAngel Foundation

Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation (the Foundation) is a single purpose charitable foundation supporting the work of Noah Homes, Inc., a residential community for adults with special needs. Noah Homes currently receives funds and donations intended to help Noah Homes meet current financial obligations. Supporters and the Noah Homes board of directors established the Foundation to raise awareness of Noah Homes and to strengthen Noah's present and future financial stability.

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