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KPI Dynamics has over 30 years experience in exceptional business performance through best industry practices. 
If your business could benefit from additional coaching in areas that can improve your business performance, take a few minutes to meet with us.  Tell us your challenges and objectives and determine for yourself if our services are a fit for your needs. Call for a complimentary consultation today. No risk or cost.
Create Business Plans

A business plan is essential to set corporate direction and objectives.  If you're in start up mode or in the process of seeking finance, having a business plan is essential.  We can assist you and/or your team in creating a business plan that is succinct, easy to follow and influential in meeting your needs. 


Remember, a business plan is a working document to be reviewed regularly to monitor progress and revised as needed to meet the changing needs of your business.

Train Staff in Account Management

Many sales professionals and sales teams operate without ever having a written Account Management Plan.  A realistic account plan allows management to measure progress, plan to meet customer requirements and serves as the basis for review with your clients and customers

We can train and coach your team to create realistic, easy to manage and easy to monitor account plans that will improve team performance.

Create and Coach Investor Presentation

If you're in start up mode or in need of raising investor capital, let us help you develop a concise, direct and easy to follow presentation that will communicate the why to invest, the unique value of your company, and the ROI model for potential investors. 


Let us help you create a presentation and coach on its presentation so that it leaves a positive impression rather than investor fatigue. 

Confidential Projects

There are times when a company or a company executive has a project that needs to be conducted in confidence.  The sale, merger or acquisition of a company may need some outside guidance.  The hiring or replacement of employees or executives may also require discretion.

We have over 30 years experience taking on a variety of projects that require finesse, discretion and privacy.  Let us guide you through such events.

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